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In life’s journey, we encounter a myriad of experiences that play a pivotal role in sculpting the individuals we become. At times, our ingrained behaviors are acquired unconsciously, and despite our desire for transformation, we may feel bound by the narratives we’ve absorbed or the challenges we’ve faced. As a therapist specializing in trauma, I believe that each person’s journey is unique; no two individuals undergo the same set of experiences. 

My approach is eclectic, drawing from various modalities, ensuring that our therapeutic relationship revolves around your distinct needs, values, and aspirations. My commitment is to establish a safe and nurturing environment that fosters authenticity, trust, and empathy—free from judgment. I maintain a deep respect for your vulnerability as we work collaboratively to explore the intricacies of your inner world. In this process, individuals are empowered to navigate their journey with compassionate support and guidance by providing a holistic experience that encompasses the entirety of who they are.

For individuals seeking an alternative to talk therapy, I provide Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy. As a trained psychotherapist in EMDR, I help individuals transform negative experiences into opportunities for growth and resilience. EMDR is a comprehensive approach that addresses both biological and psychological aspects, offering unparalleled support in freeing individuals from the constraints of their past and empowering them to embrace a more adaptive present.

Whether you’re seeking personal growth, healing from trauma, or navigating challenges within relationships, I am here to walk alongside you on your path to well-being. Together, we can explore your story, emotions, and desires, crafting a therapeutic journey that is uniquely tailored to you.


Explore a range of therapeutic services designed to meet your unique needs, each tailored to support your journey towards well-being and self-discovery.

Individual Therapy

A one-on-one session focusing on personal growth and emotional well-being, addressing issues like anxiety, depression, and life transitions.

Couples Therapy

Designed for romantic partners to address relationship issues, improve communication, and strengthen their bond through collaborative sessions.

EMDR Therapy

A structured approach for treating trauma and PTSD using guided bilateral movements to reduce the emotional impact of traumatic memories.

Family Therapy

Involves multiple family members in sessions to improve communication, resolve conflicts, and understand family dynamics.


Experience therapy in its traditional form in our welcoming and serene office suite, nestled in the Playhouse District of Pasadena, California. It’s a space designed for safety and comfort, where you can connect with your therapist in a private and calming environment.


Ideal for those at a distance or with demanding schedules, our telehealth option brings therapy to you. Conducted through secure and confidential video chat, our virtual sessions are designed for ease and convenience, ensuring you receive the support you need, wherever you are.



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Reyna Mejia Kot, M.A., AMFT #144055

Supervised by Aviva Wolfson, MS, LMFT #44060

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